This weeks election did not have a lot of items on the ballot, but every one of them meant the possibility of new taxes in San Tan Valley.

416 & 417

The biggest Propositions were 416 & 417. Proposition 416 would build new roads and freeways throughout Pinal County while 417 would pay for them.

The list of projects is long and much needed but the two that directly effect San Tan Valley Residents are North-South Corridor which would be New construction of a 36 mile, north-south, four-lane highway between U.S. Highway 60 in the City of Apache Junction to the north and connecting to the I-10 via the 14 mile corridor to Kortsen/Kleck Road south of Coolidge to Casa Grande. As well as State Route 24 Parkway through San Tan Valley a new four-mile long four-lane east-west parkway between State Route 24 at Ironwood Road to the West, and the future alignment of the North-South Parkway to the East.

Proposition 416 passed by a wide margin with 26,399 Yes’s compared to 19,944 No’s. So building the new roads was something that most people wanted. Paying for them on the other hand was a tougher choice for voters, with Proposition 417 passing by roughly 900 votes, 23,635 Yes’s and 22,734 No’s.

With these two items passing we should get a little relief to the huge traffic issue that San Tan Valley faces. It will take time, but it looks like it could finally be happening for us.

Proposition 416

Proposition 417

FUSD Bond & Override

The final items on the ballot were Florence Unified School Districts Bond and Override. The Bond would allow FUSD to purchase, 70 new buses, update fields and common spaces, new copy machines, and many other much needed items. While the override would allow the district to up the salaries of their employees. Currently FUSD has a high turnover rate because they do not have the funding to pay what other districts can.

The voters did not turn out in big numbers for this one but FUSD got part of what they needed with the Bond passing by a 4324- 3567 margin. The Override on the other hand did not go as planned for FUSD, with it failing 3699-4208.

Florence Unified will be getting much needed upgrades to their facilities, but teachers and other staff members will not be getting a raise.


FUSD Override

While no one enjoys tax increases I think we can all agree that we need new roads and better schools in San Tan Valley, now we will be getting those things.