Encanterra May Be Next For Queen Creek 


Local Encanterra residents have begun to move forward with an attempt to be annexed into Queen Creek. 

A GoFundMe account has been set up by one of the residents to cover the annexation fees. As of the publishing of this issue, the movement has raised just short of $2,500 with a goal of $7,000. 

You can see the GoFundMe account here: 


Additionally there has been a map and postcards that have begun to make the rounds. 

proposed encanterra annexation

If the annexation is completed it will include Encanterra, the Fry’s shopping center, the medical office complex along Gantzel, and one of J.O. Combs schools will be included in the annexation. 

The timeframe for the annexation is undetermined, if it even happens. This is the beginning of a process, but there are no guarantees which way this will go. Those that are for and against annexation are incredibly passionate about each side of the discussion. Furthermore, Fry’s has historically been against the notion of annexing into Queen Creek. This could be a heated and contentious battle over the next several months. 

With the recent incorporation effort failing, frustration levels are at an all time high surrounding the incorporation of San Tan Valley and the annexations into Queen Creek.