During the Arizona Corporation Commission meeting that took place on July 11, 2019 which was supported by documents submitted on July 10, 2019 by EPCOR, one of the interim manager’s ongoing concerns is that the owner of Johnson Utilities is calling Hunt Management employees to perform non-utility work during normal work hours.

EPCOR declined to get into too much detail during the ACC meeting in term of how much this is effecting progress within the many projects and infrastructure improvements that are attempted to being accomplished, but there is a level of frustration due to the availability of Hunt Management employees.

This comes on top of the owner claiming that construction of new facilities or material improvements of existing facilities is the owner’s purview and needs owner approval. Additionally, Johnson Utilities filed a lawsuit against EPCOR which was filed on May 31, 2019.

Also, another temporary restraining order was filed against the ACC preventing a vote on the proposed 3-year capital improvement plan for Johnson Utilities, LLC.