Media Releases Made Without Approval of Interim Manager

During the past month, certain messages have been released to the media concerning Johnson Utilities without the approval and knowledge of EPCOR. 

EPCOR was appointed by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) as interim manager of Johnson Utilities in August 2018. In response to a request by the ACC, EPCOR today wishes to affirm that: 

  • News releases and statements issued by the Johnson family/Hunt Management to the media in March, and subsequently posted on the Johnson Utilities Facebook page, were made without EPCOR’s knowledge and approval. 
  • EPCOR has communicated to the Johnson family and Hunt Management that all media messages on behalf of Johnson Utilities must be reviewed and approved by EPCOR prior to distribution. 
  • Non-operational communications will not be posted on the Johnson Utilities website or inserted in customer bills. 
  • If George Johnson, Hunt Management, or the Johnson Family wish to communicate on behalf of company ownership, any such communications will not be developed or issued by EPCOR, and will not utilize the Johnson Utilities website or billing system. 
  • EPCOR is currently working to gain full access to the Johnson Utilities website URL. It is EPCOR’s intent to continue to use the website and customer billing system as the primary means of communicating with customers. 
  • Limitations: It is in the interest of customers to have consistent messaging from Johnson Utilities. While EPCOR will make every effort to oversee all communications distributed to customers, EPCOR cannot legally restrict use of the Johnson Utilities logo or letterhead, and cannot restrict control of the Johnson Utilities Facebook page, which is privately managed by a member of the Johnson family. 

EPCOR’s top priorities are working every day to improve water and wastewater services to Johnson Utilities customers, and to maintaining transparency and open communications as we do so.