Drinking Water – EPCOR environmental compliance staff worked to ensure drinking water monitoring and reporting requirements were met for the month of December for both JU public water systems (PWSs).

Wastewater Two reportable sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) occurred for the month of December. The SSO’s occurred on December 22lld and 23rd 2018, and the spill amount was estimated to be less than 5000 gallons. Due to the remote location of the SSO and the wastewater having not entered a water subject to the Clean Water Act (subject to regulation as a “water of the United States”, the event was not deemed an imminent threat to either human health or the environment. Regulatory notifications were made to ADEQ within the required timeframes.

One APP wastewater discharge limit exceedance for turbidity occurred at the Pecan WRF. Operational interruptions resulted in a turbidity spike that exceeded the 5 NTU permit limit. Any non-conforming A+ treated effluent was directed to the recharge wells/basins as it did not meet A+ beneficial reuse requirements.

Aquifer protection permit (APP) regulatory samples collected after the Section 11 aeration basins point to inadequate treatment, as nitrification is not being achieved. Accordingly, total nitrogen levels are currently exceeding APP parameters.

Enforcement – EPCOR staff provided ADEQ with documentation to address reuse water deficiencies at the Club at Oasis Golf Course as outlined in a Notice of Violation (NOV) dated June 19, 2018. On November 9, 2018, EPCOR was provided with a copy of the NOV closure letter.

Queen Creek Water Interconnect Proposal

It was identified in the October 5, 2018 Johnson Utilities System Evaluation Report by Water Works Engineers that there is a 3,767 gpm firm capacity deficit in the JU 11-128 public water system. These regions are located to the northwest, adjacent to Queen Creek, and represent the most densely populated area of the JU system. Demand in regions 1 &2 consists of 88% of the billed customer water use by volume in the 11-128 system. System interconnection from the Queen Creek water system to the JU system is desired to improve the reliability of water service to customers.

We have sent a draft Letter of Intent to Queen Creek to identify possible terms for an interconnect agreement. Queen Creek is working on a response to the LOI. Once we have that we will send to ACC staff to review.