Queen Creek Water Interconnect Proposal 

  • It was identified in the October 5, 2018, Johnson Utilities System Evaluation Report by Water Works Engineers that there is a 3,767 pm firm capacity deficit in Regions 1&2 of the JU 11-128 public water system. These regions are located to the northwest, adjacent to Queen Creek, and represent the most densely populated area of the JU system. Demand in regions 1 &2 consists of 88% of the billed customer water use by volume in the 11- 128 system. System interconnection from the Queen Creek water system to the JU system is desired to improve the reliability of water service to customers. 
  • We have worked with Queen Creek to identify short-term need for a supplemental water supply which outlines how much water is needed and where and interconnect could be utilized. 
  • We are preparing a Letter of Intent for Queen Creek and ACC staff to review.