Over Labor Day weekend, we headed back up to Salt Lake area to spend time with a couple of my siblings. One of my brothers has really wanted to try doing an Escape room, but he never quite had enough people. Well, with my family there is always enough people. Sometimes more than needed, but this time it worked out perfectly. He and his wonderful wife found a deal on Groupon , and we were off!

This particular place was in the down town Salt Lake area. There were a few story lines to choose from, but we voted on the Pirate Adventures.

Upon arrival, our hostess gave us some time for a potty break before we’d be locked into a confined space for an hour.  I’m sure glad she offered this, because we just had dinner, and I would’ve thought of it after we got locked in.

So … after that brief pause to our night, our hostess gave us the rules and explained the story we were to decipher. Then we were all handcuffed to the wall in different areas, as this was our first puzzle to solve.

We honestly were not handcuffed very long. We found the key pretty much as soon as our hostess locked us in the room. We had asked how many puzzles we needed to solve before we would escape, apparently 7. So 6 to go …  We had located small tiles and a few pieces of paper throughout our search of the room. We put the tiles together and found another clue, which opened a table and we had another clue.

This clue allowed us to open the door to another room.

This last room had a puzzle maze that you needed to complete view a trapped magnet, and a dead pirate that held the ability to allow us to escape.

This is where we got a bit creative. I won’t tell you what we did, or how we got it, but we were able to remove the ball from the maze. We placed it with our dead pirate friend and the door opened allowing us to escape. Honestly much to our surprise.

We all exited the rooms, and another hostess came to reset the room for another group. She came back and asked how we got out? We didn’t complete enough puzzles! We just laughed and said we completed what we needed to.

We honestly thought that we had run out of time, not solved the room. But apparently we won!

This is why we say we cheated to win, which is what our ancestoral pirates friends would’ve wanted, neigh demanded! So we were just channeling our inner pirate, savvy?

This was a lot of fun with my younger brothers and their wives. We really did work pretty well as a team I think. Everyone contributed in some way and I feel as though it was time well spent.

I can see why a lot of management teams get sent to do these. They really can bring about the true feeling of team work. I would do it again, preferably with a different story line.

If you’re in the Salt Lake City area or Las Vegas, check out:

Or find another company near you, get some friends together and have fun!

Source: Big Kids at heart Travel Blog
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