Rural Metro And Local Business Provide A Helping Hand 

By Shawn Gilleland of Rural Metro Fire Department 

On July 26, Rural Metro Fire Department crews from Station 844 responded to a home on Terrace View for heat issues. Captain Payne and his crew found a family of 5 in a mobile home with No working A/C. Exterior temps were well over 110 and inside the home, it was easily over 100. According to the homeowner, Mr. Gomez the A/C stopped working last Friday. Unfortunately, the repair costs were well into the thousands of dollars and they did not have the finances to repair the unit. The homeowners’ mother was treated for dehydration. 

With the Help of United Maricopa Firefighters Union Local 3878 and Rural Metro Corp., we returned today and installed two (2) window 800 btu Room air conditions to cool the bedrooms. 


The family was overwhelmed with gratitude. Thankfully we were there since Mr. Gomez’s mom was on the edge of heat exhaustion again. The crew helped move her recliner near the air conditioning to help her cool off. She was very thankful.

We are extremely grateful to Red Zone A/C who came and checked the unit again and has volunteered to help as they can.

Thank you to our Crews who found a family in our community in true need and sprung into action to resource help. Their commitment to community and dedication to helping people is limitless.

More information about Rural Metro:

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More information about Red Zone Cooling and Heating:

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