FAPD Batman light

There is a storied tradition of businesses starting from their garages. One local start up is hoping that they are on the same path. FAPD Woods is literally working in the garage right now, creating custom wood products for their customers.

James has been working on handcrafted pieces for almost 15 years now as a hobby. That is until recently when he started working on artwork to sell.

When FAPD started the plan was to create wooden clocks and name plates and has morphed into everything from the clocks, to wall signs, and custom furniture. One of the biggest sellers has been lighted wall art.

James and his son both have different reasons for loving what they do, James enjoys bringing a customers vision to life and working with his hands. JC on the other hand love the artistic expression that the work provides.

Using fractal lichtenberg patterns no one piece will ever look the same.

burn pattern

One of the favorite products for both of them has been a clock that is currently in progress. They used a center cap from a 1950’s chevy, surrounded it in wood that has been formed to look like a white wall tire, and will soon add the clock works.

FAPD Woods is currently taking custom orders for any project you may want. Contact them on Facebook and see if what you have in mind they can bring to life.