The Central Arizona Animal Rescue (CAAR) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the general welfare, sheltering and placement of animals; prevention of cruelty to animals and overpopulation; education concerning humane treatment of animals; and involvement in other animal welfare issues.

Here are a few Dogs that Central Arizona Animal Rescue currently has available. You can find these dogs and more at

My Name is Banner!

Banner is the German Shepherd equivalent of the grumpy old man that yells at the kids to stay off his lawn. He is grumpy with anybody he doesn’t know but if you give him a couple of treats and throw his tennis ball he is now your best friend. He is great with other dogs, shares his kennel with a little girl and has been with puppies and does great with all of them. He is older and doesn’t need a whole lot of exercise and would just prefer to hang out and maybe chase a tennis ball a few times then relax.

My name is Bandit!

Bandit was turned into the pound as a stray so we don’t have any background information on him. He is a little on the shy side so he is really well behaved with us and the other dogs. He shares his kennel with several other dogs and is not a high energy guy compared to some of the other puppies he lives with. He has never seen a cat or been around kids so he will have to be introduced to them. We will work on getting more pictures of him as soon as we can.

My name is Rogue!

We also took in a heeler named Rouge. He was surrendered to the pound because he was nipping at heels. Really??? What do you expect from a heeler? He hasn’t had any training and he will be a special needs dog because he is deaf, which will require more skill in training him.

My name is Al!

Al was turned into the pound because he was too hyper! Really! What do you expect from a young German Shepherd, he is no couch potato and needs training and somebody to keep him busy physically and mentally. He is a really nice boy and will be an awesome new member to the right family! We will try to add more pictures of him as soon as we can get a chance to take some more.