No Injuries And No Problems With Water Access Are Being Reported

Wednesday evening a fire broke out within the Anthem community in Florence. Florence, Coolidge, and Rural Metro crews were on the scene to put out the fire on the two story residential home. At the time of this report it was unclear as to what started the fire, but  crews that were on the scene stated that everyone residing at the home were uninjured. San Tan Times is keeping the address and family names private.

With fire hydrant water pressure being a hot topic San Tan Times wants to be clear that there were no problems to report when it came to water access and water pressure. The crews on the scene stated that the Anthem community has not been dealing with the same level of water pressure problems as those within the San Tan Valley area have currently been dealing with.

While on the scene two additional calls of fires came in within the San Tan Valley area. Thankfully neither of the calls were for residential structures. As the 4th of July continues San Tan Times hopes everyone stays safe and careful.

San Tan Times would like to thank The United Citizens for their assistance on this report.