The Largest Population In Pinal County Is Left With No Answers

It has been two weeks since it was confirmed that water pressure in fire hydrants lack adequate water pressure by any standard.

What has been done in that time?

To be to the point; nothing.

ADEQ states it is not their responsibility to maintain that the utility provides proper water pressure to fire hydrants.

Pinal County’s response is that it is not their responsibility to oversee water pressure of fire hydrants and that it is a state-level responsibility.

What remains is what has seemingly always happened; San Tan Valley residents are forced to deal with unacceptable services while receiving zero support from county and state agencies. Additionally, Governor Ducey does not respond to meeting requests within the community and actively avoids San Tan Valley.

San Tan Valley residents didn’t create this problem and it is beyond the residents’ control to fix this problem. While many at varying government levels are passing the buck of responsibility on to others, residents are left to wonder what happens if a fire hits their home.

What Can Be Done?

Short term, contact the county supervisors:

Pete Rios: 520.487.2941 

Mike Goodman: 520.866.8080

Stephen Miller: 520.866.7401

Anthony Smith: 520.866.3960

Todd House: 480.982.0659

Submit an ACC complaint:

Docket number #WS-02987A-0151.

Submit an ADEQ complaint:

Long-term the solution is to vote. The San Tan Valley area is the largest concentrated population of Pinal County. If residents used their voting power, more attention would be made to the area. But, San Tan Times has serious doubt this will happen. The most recent event on July 7th that allowed residents to meet over 30 candidates had in incredibly poor turnout. Even the protest, where some involved were hoping for 50+ to attend resulted in only a handful. Residents may not be able to directly fix the problems within the area, but the area does have power. 

Unfortunately, ongoing apathy throughout the area needs to be fixed or nothing will ever change.

San Tan Valley residents did not create this problem. But, voter apathy does come into play in terms of how elected officials look at the area.