With nearly two hundred entries to our “Share your rescue” contest, we received a lot of great photos and stories. We drew four names from a hat and we present you with the four winners. All of which receive a $10 gift card to Firehouse Subs.

Amanda Murphy And Her Rescue Cat, Tyche

My Tyche! he was adopted from MCACC East when he was about 8 weeks old. I arrived at the facility a handful of hours after he had been fixed and when he looked at me all confused with those big green eyes, I knew it was all over – he was leaving with me! Since then, his days consist of playing with his two brothers, trying to eat ALL the food, lazing in the sun, getting belly scratches, and caterwauling all hours of the day and night. I could not imagine my life without this handsome boy!

Heather Lanieweski And Her Rescued Dog, Buddy

We got Buddy when he was 14 weeks old from central AZ rescue. He is a great protector and snuggler, and SUPER spoiled!!!

Julia Chesky And Her Rescued Dog, Russ

This is Russ. Him and his brother were found on the side if the road in a bin with the lid on! This is a picture of when we first got him. He’s been apart of our family now for 6 months and we love him so much!

Amber Stout And Her Rescued Dog, Gizzy

This is my Gizzy now and the day I rescued her from the Maricopa Animal Shelter back in 2010. Got her scared and abused but now she’s the biggest lover.