After our fabulous cruise, we spent 5 additional days exploring  Walt Disney World

We once again stayed at a Moderate Value Resort. This time opting to stay at the highly recommended, Port Orleans Riverside Resort . This resort boasts about it’s New Orleans feel and hospitality. I would say they were spot on, with the large swooping trees, and canal smells; it’s either Disney magic, or Florida nature, but I felt like I was in the bayou. 

As you walk around the resort, there is a distinct difference in the housing facades. I called them ‘the main houses vs the servants rooms’, because that is what it looked like. The Main houses had magnolia trees lining the manicured walk ways with large stately water fountains paired with the large white manor like homes (rooms)  vs the brick facades, dark over grown trees and shrubs. Our water views were of what looked like a flooded drainage ditch with cypress trees sticking out. Totally bayou.

Our first day at this hotel was a rough one. The cast member checking us in, was beyond rude.

So Over this day already!


(Granite, I was exhausted from an early morning cruise disembarkation, but she was rude.)

She was argumentative, so I was too. I just didn’t understand why she couldn’t tell us our room number, or at least which building we were going to be in so we would know where to go later that night.

(side note: I know why she couldn’t give us our room number due to privacy and security of the guests currently in that room, my point was that I wanted to at least know what building our room was housed in so I would not have to come back later that evening to ‘check-in’ again.)

Our room was not ready for an early check in, which was fine as this is not a guarantee. Our cast member took us to Luggage Storage. Since we didn’t have a room number in order to use Bell Services, we HAD to use luggage storage. Our luggage storage cast member said, “No problem, we do this all the time!” We just had to trust that our bags would be available when we returned from the park.  (First off yes they do, but they really do a terrible job communicating.) She gave us our claim tickets and told us to come back here once we were had a room assigned to us.

We decided that we might as well try and get our day started at the Magic Kingdom instead of sitting around waiting for a room. Since we had done our hotel check-in online before hand, we could use our magic bands immediately. This is well worth the few minutes it takes online in the comfort of your own home. Once our room was ready, we would be receiving an email. Of course in this instance, we went to the park …. email came immediately after getting off the bus. Go figure – Today was just not my day.  
At least we were in the Magic Kingdom with our pre-planned fast passes ready for use, today was going to be a great day! And it was. We hit up just about all the rides, had quite a few pictures taken with our photo pass and ended with our dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant .  

“Shutting the park down” as we say, after such an early morning was exhausting. I was ready to head back and enjoy our hotel, this mornings issues far from my mind. 

UNTIL ….. 

Our luggage was “missing” once we arrived back at the hotel later that evening. We were told by our wonderful cast member that morning to come back to the main house and claim our luggage and finish our check in. So when we did return that evening, we went to Bell Services because Luggage Storage was closed. Bell Services did not know anything about our luggage. We had claim tickets, which they could not match ANYWHERE . We were told by a Bell Services supervisor that they appreciated our patience and that once our bags had been located they would shuttle us and our bags to our room since we didn’t know where we were supposed to go. Cut to an hour later. Turns out, the luggage had been delivered to our room, and nobody was told about it. I mean if you have a claim ticket for your coat, you turn that ticket in and get your coat back. The coat just doesn’t magically end up in your car at the end of the night. 

Bell services asks us if we still wanted a ride to our rooms … um, yes (again it was dark and swampy and Florida)!

Now, Bell services tells us it would be anywhere from 45 minutes to another hour to get us there!  Hard pass!

I had now been awake almost 20 hours PLUS we were at the Magic Kingdom ALL day , it was time for bed.  I told them to cancel the ride request, and we would take a map and hopefully make it to our room without being swallowed by a sink-hole, eaten by an alligator or bit by some deadly snake.  

Hooray Florida stereotypes! 

We were excited to try this resort out since we could take a shuttle boat to the Disney Springs area. The water ways do have a bayou esk feel to them, and it is another unique Disney World experience. I will say that this hotel is not on my list of places I would stay again. It is cool to see and experience the New Orleans feel of the hotel. It’s beautiful. But I would take a shuttle bus, or boat and explore on my own. 

I will say, our room was really cool.

Filled with the Disney touches and magic that we’ve come to love and except. This is one thing that separates Disney hotels from it’s competitors. And they do it with gusto. Photos below in the gallery. The theme of New Orleans was very abundant, through out the entire resort. Our room had art and touches from the animated feature: The Princess and the Frog. Super fun, and comfortable. This did help ease the bad customer service we had experienced earlier. The beds were soft and welcoming,which luckily for my husband, I fell right to sleep and woke refreshed and ready for the rest of my Disney adventures.

The cafeteria area at this resort is not as large as the Value resorts, but we never had to wait for a table or really more than 1 person deep in line to pay. One thing you will notice in the themed resorts, is the menu’s which feature delicious offerings from whichever region your resort is based on. Example: We had the choices that included Muffaletta and Po’ Boys whereas at the Caribbean Beach resort we had Caribbean Jerk chicken and Fish tacos on the menu among other offerings I cant recall.

Though this hotel is not on my list to revisit; the rooms were clean, the beds comfortable and the water pressure was perfect.
















Source: Big Kids at heart Travel Blog
First impressions, Port Orleans Riverside