What’s Biting And Where?

By Arizona Game And Fish Department

Tip of the week

There’s no crystal ball for when the spring crappie bite will take off, but some anglers typically shoot for around April 1 when crappie tend to come in around shallow structure to spawn. With this especially cold winter where crappie holes have been stained and muddied by run-off, some good crappie fishing could be delayed a bit (some anglers think by possibly a month or so). Still, the April 5 new moon could be a great time to crappie fish at night with submersible lights. Try Roosevelt, Alamo, Bartlett or possibly Pleasant.

A stretch of warm, sunny days has arrived so expect wildflowers to bloom and fishing to soon get a much-needed boost. Water temperature at Roosevelt Lake on Thursday (pictured above) was 54 degrees. With a couple of weeks of temperatures in the high 70s and 80s, the fishing at these desert impoundments should start to go nuts.

Out west at Alamo, Havasu, and Martinez, look for some possible pre-spawn largemouth bass action around ledges and points in 15-25 feet of water. As of Thursday, fishing at Alamo (and most desert impoundments) was slow. See a report. A combination of rising water levels, cold temps and stained water could be what has made conditions difficult. Get ready for pre-spawn action once weather is steady by checking out five great baits.

Now to trout fishing. Some anglers have been having good luck catching stocked trout along the Colorado River at Davis Dam and Community Park with PowerBait and spinners.

We also stocked the Lower Salt River with trout this week. As a guideline, trout are primarily stocked at Phon D. Sutton and Granite Reef recreation sites during the winter.

Due to inclement weather that delayed one of our fish stocking vendors, stockings in some Community waters were delayed for the following “core” waters, but were stocked Sunday:

Red Mountain, Riverview, Evelyn Hallman, Papago Ponds, Steele Indian School, Encanto, Cortez, Desert Breeze, Kiwanis, Rio Vista, Surprise, Pioneer, Desert West, Alvord, and Green Valley Lakes.

Lake Powell: Eye on walleye

Also, keep an eye on reports of water temperatures at Lake Powell. The general pattern is that pre-spawn walleye will respond favorably to steady, warming water and inflows once spring conditions begin to arrive.