The Florence Unified School District received the news that the bond election passed with 4,324 yes votes and 3,567 no votes. The override election failed to pass with 3,699 yes votes and 4,208 no votes. With the passage of the bond, FUSD will be able to update school security systems, purchase buses, continue to provide 1:1 computing at our high schools, continue to provide technology at the K-8 level, and provide safety upgrades for our fields and tracks.

Denise Guenther, Governing Board President Quote: “We are thankful for the support of our community with regards to the recent bond election. Although we are disappointed the Budget Override did not pass, the board is grateful for the passage of the bond and we will continue to provide a great educational experience for our students.”

Mr. Chris Knutsen Quote: “We are grateful for the support of our community with the FUSD Bond. Our district is committed to providing the best education for the students of Pinal County. We will continue to work hard to achieve our goal of becoming a District by Design.”