By Poston Butte High School And San Tan Times Staff

Grand Canyon University invited high school juniors and seniors and community college students to their campus recently for their Forensic Science Day 2019. This was a great opportunity for students to learn about the field of forensic science, tour our science labs and participate in many other great activities! 46 Poston Butte students attended the forensic science day at GCU. They had a crime scene competition for all of the students and three Poston Butte seniors ended up winning first prize after analyzing the crime scene. 

Local students observed a staged crime scene with evidence and bodies and had to figure out what happened at the scene by just looking at what was presented to them. They were not allowed to touch anything and had to just take in what was visual to them and make an assessment of the scene based on their knowledge from class.

The students used information provided in class to note different pieces of evidence and what they know about male and female killers. The crime scene that was set up looked like a poker game gone wrong. There were various drugs present, money, a knife, and two bodies. The one body looked as though it passed out into a bowl of snacks. The other body was laying on the ground and looked as though it was stabbed. 

The students assessed that there was a third party at the table due to their being a third set of poker chips, a cup, and a flipped over a chair. They noted that the third party had a different cup than the other two deceased people and they decided that the killer must have been a female and killed the two via poison. I asked Ashlynn how she came to this conclusion and she told me that she made this decision due to us talking about in class that females tend to kill by nonviolent means and use poison in their murders. They also stated they would test all of the evidence for DNA and fingerprints.

See the local forensic program first hand

The STEM program at Poston Butte will be presenting to the community how to solve a crime scene on Thursday, March 28 at 5:30 PM in the Poston Butte library.

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