Building A Relationship Between Academics And Sports

Leah Lewis was born in Saskatchewan, Canada where her athletic and educational career began. At 14 years old Leah participated in track & field and gymnastics. Leah’s passion for pole vaulting continued on for 10 more years, she competed not only at the college level but on the international level as well. While following her passion as an athlete, Leah graduated with two Bachelor degrees. Leah obtained a Bachelors of Arts and Science degree with a minor in Psychology and received a Bachelors of Education degree from the University of Saskatchewan with distinction. Currently, Leah is working on her Masters degree in Educational Leadership at Northern Arizona University (NAU).

In 2011, Leah moved to London, England to train for the Olympic Trials. After a successful year, Leah moved with her coach to Phoenix, Arizona and continued to train with an international training group. While training at the World Athletic Center, she was intro introduced Carolyn Sawyer.

As a child Leah always wanted to work in a field with children, “I’ve always had a passion for teaching and education, I wanted to follow in my fathers’ footsteps who was a teacher for 32 years.” In 2013, Leah started out at our South Mountain campus as a K- 6th grade workout coach and also coached “Girls on the Run” program and Track. Leah decided to retire from athletics in 2014 to focus on her career in education. Leah has also taught 2nd and 8th grade; and also substituted all other grades during her time at Chandler campus. In 2017, Leah was asked to become the Academic Director at our San Tan campus. Leah showed such passion for the children, school and honed leadership skills that she was promoted to the Principal in 2018.

Leah’s favorite part of being a Principal is seeing the kids light up when they’ve learned something new and see progress with what they’re learning, “it makes it all worth it”. “At Champion we focus on building the whole child through academics and athletics, it allows everyone to be a part of a team-we are a family here”.

Leah is excited for the upcoming school year, “Champion San Tan has a very passionate admin team with Academic Director Kyla Archie, Office Coordinator Sally Muncy, and new Athletic Director Andrew Johnson. Our teachers are the core of our school and they are ready to deliver education and athletics to our students better than ever before. We want to be a place not only for our students to flourish but also to foster relationships with our community.”

While Leah is now retired from athletics, she continues to pursue healthy living and likes to get outside and be active with her family. Her husband, Steve (two time Olympian) and her two boys( 2 years and 7 months ) are her focus outside of the Champion day. “ Family is important. All of our staff at Champion give so much to their Champion families when they also have families at home. I am so lucky to have people in an organization who are passionate and care deeply about our students’ growth.

“In my year at San Tan , I have met many great families and I am looking forward to meeting more in 19/20. See you soon!”