Supervisor Goodman Updates The Community 

By The Office of Supervisor Goodman 

Last week was another busy week as the Johnson Utilities hearings at the Arizona Corporation Commission continued. The ACC has been listening to various witness testimonies as they are examined and cross-examined in an effort to determine if interim management will be put into place for Johnson Utilities. The hearings will carry on this week and are currently scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The schedules are posted on 

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors did not have a board meeting last week, but a regular board meeting is scheduled this week on Wednesday, May 9, starting at 9:30am. Board meeting schedules, agendas, and previously recorded sessions can be accessed at 

The last session of Supervisor Goodman’s Youth Advisory Council was scheduled for Friday, May 4, but was canceled as a result of teacher strikes that took place. Supervisor Goodman is currently working on scheduling visits with the schools to wrap up this YAC session, and expresses gratitude for everyone’s participation. These youth sessions were tremendously valuable, and we look forward to expanding and evolving the program next school year. We will be sure to share lessons learned and the ideas and feedback we received from our students in the coming months. 

Pinal County district offices and County staff members have also been busy finalizing the 2018/2019 fiscal year budget. The Board of Supervisors is projected to make decisions and finalize this budget during the month of May. Once the budget is finalized, it will be made available on 

Feel free to contact Supervisor Goodman’s office with questions and feedback via phone or e-mail, at 520-866-8080, or