Local Resident Leaves Behind Two Kids After Tragic Accident

By Rod Small and San Tan Times Staff

Brittany Reynolds, a local resident, and employee of Firehouse subs passed away last week after sustaining serious injuries from a car accident while walking home.

Brittany leaves behind two boys, ages 3 and 11, that are now in the care of Brittany’s mother.

Firehouse is holding a fundraiser to help raise funds for funeral expenses and support for the care of the children. The fundraiser for Brittany will be on Thursday, March 14th. To take part in the fundraiser any customers that come into Firehouse Subs on March 14th will have to say they are here for the fundraiser. How the fundraiser works is they open a drawer under her name all day and 20% of the money made on that drawer will go to her mom to help with the cost of the burial.

Lifepoint Church located at Copper Basin will also be holding a fundraiser for the family. 

Additionally, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help Brittany’s mother, Barbara to help with the expenses.

The GoFund Me page states:

Johnny 11 years and his little brother Linx 3 years. Barbara has both children full time. 

Please help Barbara Queen, Brittany’s mother to pay for her funeral expenses. She has no funds for burial expenses and the least amount found is $1000. She has to make arrangements by March 21st to pay for a funeral.

Any help would be appreciated as Barbara now has 2 children to care for and would be applied towards: Linx daycare while Barb goes to work, food,Barb has missed work from this loss…

Prayers please…..

As of the printing of this edition, the GoFundMePage has raised $695. Even though they are only requesting $1,000, it will take more than that to help Brittany’s mother, a school teacher, to care for the children.

GofFundMe: gofundme.com/rip-brittany-queen-reynolds-funeral-funds

LifePoint Church: lifepointaz.com

Firehouse Subs:
(480) 888-1911
1735 W Hunt Hwy, Ste 103, San Tan Valley