New Tech For Students 

By Florence Unified School District

Since our last release on April1 6th, we have been busy getting quotes on our K-8 playgrounds and field spaces as well as our high school fields.We have also began reaching out for bids on the security systems across the district.

This release is specific to student technology. Our district is known for being one of the most technologically advanced in the state. The generous approval of our bond last year ensures this reputation will continue.

We recently received our first shipment of Google Chrome Books. When we enter next school year, we will have an additional 3,600+ chrome books for our students to use. These student computers are durable, reliable, and secure for our students. By switching to chrome books we also were able to provide our district with significant savings when compared to the student devices we purchased in 

the past. All high schools will remain 1:1 environments and all K-8 schools will receive extra clasroom sets to increase their connectivity.

Please stay tuned for more updates on how FUSD is putting your bond dollars to work for our students!


FUSD Laptops