FUSD had planned to resume school on May 1st but it looks like plans have changed. Below is a letter that FUSD Superintendent Chris Knutsen sent out to parents of FUSD students on April 30, 2018

April 30, 2018

Good Morning FUSD Families,

As indicated in a previous email FUSD anticipated resuming school tomorrow, Tuesday, May 1. However, based on the continued delay in passing the proposed budget that includes increases in public education funding, it appears that the statewide teacher walkout will continue. FUSD will therefore be closed indefinitely.

when the proposed budget is signed into law we hope to resume normal operations, but will continue to evaluate the situation and communicate with our families and staff as soon as information becomes available. FUSD will reopen school once we can guarantee staffing so that students have a safe and effective learning environment. the district is working on plans to make up instructional time lost during school closures and will be updating parents as these decisions are made.

We will be sending daily notifications by 5PM through social media, text, email, and our district app. You can also check our website and FAQ for up-to-date information. Please make sure all of your contact information is current in ParentVue.

We understand that continued closures are difficult on all involved, including our families, staff, and students. We appreciate your support and will work to ensure that our students finish the year strong.


Chris Knutsen

Misleading Information?

What was provided to the public on Friday lead many to believe this was over and classes would resume.

Friday Governor Ducey, Senate President Yarbrough and Speaker of the House J.D. Mesnard announced a deal this afternoon (4/27/18) that includes the 20% pay raise that Arizona teachers have been demanding.

Governor Ducey said that the deal would raise teacher salaries by 20% by 2020, commit $100 million to support staff increasing to $371 million over 5 years, as well as increase per student spending.

Ducey also stated that legislators would work throughout the weekend to pass the bill.

That did not happen. Additionally, it was not mentioned that in order for the bill to pass, legislators have to read the bill for three consecutive days before it can go to vote. Which meant, even if they would have worked through the weekend, it still would not have provided the three days required for the bill to be read.