Florence Unified School District would like to recognize and Congratulate February’s Students of the Month! Our students are the community’s future and it is always great to see their success.

Anthem K-8 

  • Rylee Towler 2nd grade
  • Christopher Teran 2nd grade

Circle Cross Ranch K-8

  • Taylen Lopour 3rd grade
  • Marqus French 3rd grade

Copper Basin K-8 

  • Jonathan Morgan 5th 
  • Abigail Lawyer 5th

Florence High School

  • Nathan White 9th grade
  • Adeline Preszler 11th grade
  • Alexandria Brown – 11th grade

Florence K-8

  • Leonidas Bingochea 2nd grade
  • Anahi Espinoza 2nd grade

Magic Ranch K-8

  • Sophia Rudko 6th grade
  • Peyton Haven 6th grade

Mountain Vista Academy 

  • Shaniqua Ronquillo 11th grade
  • Cornelius Claxton 8th grade

Poston Butte High School 

  • Sara Ayala 10th grade
  • Silvestre Flores Lopez 10th grade

San Tan Foothills High School

  • Cynthia Aranda Perez 12th grade
  • Mario Mariscal Villa 12th grade

San Tan Heights K-8

  • Alexy Caraveo 3rd grade
  • Jasiah Muhme 3rd grade

SR K-8 

  • Maddison Walsh 2nd grade
  • Rockwell Van Vleet 2nd grade

WB K-8 

  • Carly Pryor 8th grade
  • Dustin Stanley-Cooper 8th grade

Bronco Mill at Poston Butte High School

  • Hunter Frey 10th grade

Sabercat Industries at San Tan Foothills High School

  • John Cohagen 12th grade