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What does a Constable do?

Constables are elected officials, and along with their deputies, they attend to the justice courts. Since justice court precinct lines are determined by the number of people living in a certain area, some counties only have one or two constables, while larger counties may have up to twenty-five. Depending on a precinct’s caseload and if they have the approval of their county board of supervisors, a constable may appoint deputies and a staff. In most cases, there are no more than one constable and one deputy in a given precinct.

Constables have the same legal authority as a county sheriff, but generally only work within their own precincts. The primary duties of Arizona constables are:

  • Executing and returning writs of possession or restitution (evictions);
  • Serving orders of protection or orders prohibiting harassment
  • Serving civil and criminal summons and subpoenas
  • Providing judicial security to the justice courts
  • Levying and returning writs of execution (seizing property to satisfy judgments)
  • Storing personal property that has been levied
  • Conducting constable sales of levied property (like sheriff’s sales)

Louis Bacchi campaign platform


Lou’s mission as Constable would be to provide execution of mandated civil and criminal process to the people of Pinal County within San Tan Valley Justice Court so you can receive timely, cost effective and professional service.

If elected:

If elected as your constable, Lou Bachhi will strive to return and maintain the confidence and most importantly the respect of the populace for the Constable in Justice Court District 1, by being Available, Accountable, Honest, and Transparent.


  • Bachelors Degree – Public Administration NAU
  • Associates Degree – Paralegal, American Institute
  • Legislative Intern – AZ Senate Judiciary Committee 2001


1968-1970 USMC

80 Hours Mediation Training – 40 Hours Maricopa County Superior Court – 40 Hours Organization “Dances With Wolves”

Justice Court Volunteer Mediator – Mediated for disputing parties to reach a mutual agreed upon resolution in various justice courts and also private neighbor disputes.

Liaison for the City of Phoenix Prosecutors Office to the Mediation Association

Liasison for the City of Phoenix to the Mediation Dept. at ASU School of Law

Volunteer Victim Witness Advocate Maricopa County Superior Court – Assist victims and/or surviving families of victims through the court process from initial appear- ance of suspect through trial

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