What To Do And Where To Start 

By Live Lean Nutrition

Getting back into the gym can be tough for many. Free time is the biggest hurdle for most with jobs, kids, and life getting in the way of being more physically active.

But, becoming more active doesn’t have to take hours a day in the gym. In fact, if you are just starting out, pacing yourself and staying within your bodies current capabilities will be beneficial. It will help you prevent injury and also minimize the feeling of dread that many have when they begin to think about heading to the gym.

No matter your goals, whether it is to lose a little or a lot of weight, to gain muscle, or to look like the second coming of Arnold Schwarzenegger (good luck!), you must remember that no one starts off in the gym strong. So, attempting to lift and use too much weight is not beneficial and can cause injury.

If you are using weight training, start light and focus on your form. If cardio is your thing, than pace yourself and stay within your capacity. Otherwise you will tire quickly which will result in cutting your workout short, or suffer an injury, or cause health problems.

If you are just returning to the gym, remember, it will take time for your strength and endurance to develop.

For those that enjoy groups, there are several classes throughout the week at Anytime Fitness that would work for those returning home from commuting to a job.

If weight training is your comfort zone, remember to focus on a full range of motion and keep good form. Lighter weights are better when you are first starting as you need to learn what your body is capable of. High reps and lower weight will benefit you more than heavy weights and lower volume.

Factor in recovery time. For many of us starting out, the next day or two can be a surprise when it comes to soreness. Overdoing it in the beginning will result in longer recovery time which will make it difficult to maintain a schedule.

As they say; Rome wasn’t built in a day. That mindset applies to getting back into shape. Even if you aren’t into cardio, remember, fitness is a marathon, it’s not a sprint. Change will take place over time, so create good habits to ensure long term goals.

Our Incentive

With each article we will also provide an incentive. We believe in what we preach and would love to see everyone make the progress they desire for themselves no matter how small or grand.

Whether you are interested in meal planning, meal replacement, weight loss, strength and muscle development, or any other nutritional hurdle you may have, we would be happy to help you along your path.

We encourage you to stop in and chat with us. As we grow we will have fitness and wellness classes available along with partnering with a few other businesses in the area. If we are lucky enough to have your trust when it comes to helping you with your goals then we would like to start you off with something to get you on your way.

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