Team Building, But With Goats

By Amanda Otto, Junior High School Girls Softball Coach And the San Tan Times Staff

Goat Yoga was so much fun this December! These girls had a blast! A very special thank you to Coach Alexxis and Mr. Bowen for helping drive these ladies and all they do on a daily basis for these girls and this program. So much fun having the both of you join us!

Mrs. Blomberg joined us as well!! So great having another JH teacher join these girls today!

Junior High Softball Roster:

  • Blake Pass MANAGER 8th
  • 1 Ella Verdine P 8th
  • 2 Kally Kovacs IF 7th
  • 3 Leneah Scherm IF 8th
  • 4 Alixe DeAnda P/SS 8th
  • 5 Faith Larini U 8th
  • 6 Ashley Hyde C/U 8th
  • 7 Kennady Wilson OF/C 8th
  • 8 Hailey Bollenberg IF 8th
  • 10 Megan Shaw OF 8th
  • 11 Susan Brown OF 8th
  • 12 Gabrielle Kleen IF/C 7th
  • 13 Oliviya Hudson IF 8th
  • 15 Caydence Cline OF 7th
  • 18 Cayla Bowen 1B/U 8th
  • 19 Emily Jones IF 8th