By Joe Pyritz, Public Information Officer-Pinal County

A crowd of over 100 people gathered inside the large auditorium at the American Leadership Academy High School in San Tan Valley on August 8. Even more residents attended the Town Hall that took place at Poston Butte High School on Tuesday earlier that week.

Supervisor Goodman of District 2 invited residents to attend these sessions for an update on progress within the District, resident survey results, and informational overviews on some frequently asked questions received by his office.

At these meetings, Goodman described various County resources, and how those are distributed across Pinal County. The discussion also touched on the fact that San Tan Valley is an unincorporated area, and the majority of residents who completed the District 2 survey indicated they were looking for some type of change to provide more local resources for residents.

Present at both Town Halls were staff from Pinal County departments such as Public Works, Finance, and more, as well as staff from Queen Creek, Florence, and Epcor. It was crucial that many resources were present to provide factual information to residents. This was also a testament to the relationships this office has been working to strengthen over the last couple years. Working together with neighboring municipalities and entities allows us to make better decisions for the entire region, and more effectively meet resident needs.

“We have just around 100,000 residents in this area who strive for San Tan Valley to be a better place to live,” Chairman Goodman said after the meeting. “We all have the same goal in mind, but everyone has a different opinion on how to get there.”

He invited residents who are passionate about guiding the future of San Tan Valley to contact his office and get involved in future discussions around this topic. If you are interested and were not able to attend the Town Halls, you can reach out to his office at:


Materials and talking points from these Town Halls will be made available on the County website:

The information will be included in the next District 2 newsletter.

Over the last two and half years since Goodman has been in office, he has helped residents try to better their utility situation, improve their roads, work to bring in more retail businesses, and unify this growing community.