Governor Changes Schedule And Will Not Be Attending San Tan Eats

After confirming that Governor Ducey would be attending the “Meet the Candidates” event put on by the San Tan Valley Chamber of Commerce, Ducey’s campaign changed their tune late last week and informed the Chamber that Ducey will not be attending, but will be sending staff members in his place.

Unfortunately, this is an ongoing problem with Governor Ducey avoiding San Tan Valley. For months, residents have been contacting his office looking for support and to meet with the Governor only to be ignored repeatedly.

At the most recent Pinal Partnership that took place in Casa Grande, Ducey went on about the amazing work that has been done within Arizona regarding water usage. Additionally, Ducey was quoted through a press release on February 21 stating “Earning Arizona’s reputation as a national leader in water management was no easy feat and it didn’t happen by accident. It was the proactive nature of our predecessors, and our state’s willingness to take on complex issues.”

“This session, we must follow their lead and put forward responsible policies that will ensure Arizona speaks with one-voice to secure the state’s future for generations to come.” 

But, Ducey appears to have no interest  “to take-on complex issues” when it comes to the largest population in Pinal county that has been struggling with a water problem for over a decade.

Ducey has also been struggling when it comes to the polls with an approval rating at around 31 percent. Some would think an area with nearly 50,000 registered voters that are looking for support during a crisis would be something that would draw interest from a governor looking for re-election.

As of yet, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

If you would like to contact Governor Ducey he can be reached through the following channels:

phone: 602.542.4331


But, that doesn’t mean all is lost. The San Tan Eats “Meet The Candidates” will host over 30 candidates that directly affect the San Tan Valley area. From senator candidates to ACC commissioners, to candidates running against Ducey, there are many positions up for election that represent the San Tan Valley area. The San Tan Valley Chamber of Commerce has been working hard to organize this event as many residents have voiced issues and problems they would like addressed. Dealing with an unexpected cancelation, such as Ducey, has been stressful for the volunteers at the  Chamber of Commerce that are organizing this event. For those coming out to the event, be sure to find Chamber members, Bryan McCoy and Kim Tillery, as this event wouldn’t have been possible without them.

San Tan Eats is Saturday, July 7, starting at 7:00 PM. San Tan Eats will be held at the Poston Butte High School located at 32375 N Gantzel Rd, San Tan Valley, AZ 85143.

For more information can go online:

Or visit the Chamber of Commerce website and Facebook