It’s still hot out there, so be careful and stay hydrated. Early morning and evening activities are still advisable. Or some indoor events during peak heat.

Guided Fitness Hike

Join our volunteer, Sandy, for a guided fitness hike to see our crested saguaro.

Archery 101

Interested in archery? Curious about how to shoot a bow? Come to Usery Park and find out!

Beginner Skill Level Mountain Bike Ride

Join us for an exciting beginner mountain bike ride among the beautiful San Tan Mountains. This 5.5-mile ride is open to all ages and skill levels.

Desert Mythbusters

Are rattlesnakes REALLY dangerous? Can you drink water from a cactus? Do “jumping cactus” really jump? Do the arms of a saguaro help to keep it balanced? Discover the answers to these questions and more!

Full Moon Hike

Join us for this 2-mile hike under the glowing light of the full moon. This is a great opportunity to experience new sights and sounds of the desert at night!