By The United Citizens – Clean Air Clean Water

Hunt and Ultra file “Motion to Dismiss” in relation to the ACC’s accusation that JU, Hunt and Ultra Management violated the ACC Affiliation rule. 

The ACC is going after Ultra and Hunt Management for violating the ACC’s affiliation rule with Johnson Utilities. According to the ACC, JU never received authorization from the ACC to allow contracts between Ultra, Hunt, and JU – In which nearly $80 million dollars has been transferred to Ultra Management…no record of services/improvements to the Johnson Utilities failing infrastructure that is threatening the public and environment. All three entities fall under Pinetop Trust – which George Johnson is a trustee. Hunt and Ultra is managed by George Johnson’s son and daughter, Chris, and Barbara Johnson. The ACC has declared that all money transferred to Ultra and Hunt that was not providing any value to JU should be returned to JU to assist with infrastructure improvements. 

Hunt and Ultra argue that the ACC has no “jurisdiction” over Hunt/Ultra and should dismiss the case.

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