hunt gantzel

By Teresa Makinen
For additional information on the project design and schedule, please visit our project website at
  • Contractor crews continue work on remaining elements of the retention basin, channel and access road north of Magma Road on the west side of Hunt Highway.  This work is primarily taking place off the roadway; however, there are traffic barricades set up at the shoulder to protect the work zone.
  • Crews also continue work constructing the extension of Gantzel Road from Omega Drive to Hunt Highway at Johnson Ranch Boulevard.  Paving of the base course (bottom layer) of asphalt on Gantzel Road is scheduled for the week of March 19 to be able to accommodate at least one lane of traffic in each direction as an interim measure until the full roadway can be opened.
  • Scheduled to begin Friday, March 16, Johnson Ranch Boulevard will be CLOSED at Hunt Highway for crews to work at the Hunt Highway/Johnson Ranch intersection to install traffic signals, and prepare the grade and subsurface as part of the transition for the new Gantzel Road at the intersection.  As part of this closure, Johnson Ranch traffic will not have access to Hunt Highway, but will be detoured at Desert Willow Boulevard to Thistle Trail to access Hunt Highway.  Hunt Highway traffic will be open to traffic with one lane in each direction; however, travelers will not be permitted to turn onto Johnson Ranch Boulevard.  Please note that temporarily there will not be a traffic signal at Hunt Highway and Johnson Ranch. Traffic will continue straight through this location until construction is completed on Johnson Ranch.
  • Once the new traffic signals are installed, an additional alternate route will be available on the new Gantzel Road.  Hunt Highway traffic will have access to new Gantzel Road at the intersection, which will provide at leastone lane in each direction and access to existing Gantzel Road at Bella Vista Road.  It is expected this work at the Hunt/Johnson Ranch intersection will take 4-5 weeks to complete.
  •          As a look-ahead . . . scheduled for late April or early May and following the above work at the Hunt Highway/Johnson Ranch Boulevard intersection, Hunt Highway will be closed to traffic between Johnson Ranch Boulevard and Red Road (entry to Canyon Rock) for crews to begin work on Hunt Highway between Johnson Ranch Boulevard and Red Road.  During this work, which is expected to take three months to complete, all Hunt Highway traffic will be routed onto Gantzel Road as a detour around the work zone.
Business and resident access is being maintained, and thank you for your continued patience during this construction.