Prices of licenses, tags, and stamps are not increasing

By Arizona Game and Fish Department

Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) customers are reminded that, effective Jan. 1, 2019, Arizona hunting and fishing license dealers will have the option to charge a convenience fee for license, tag and stamp sales at their locations. Licenses, tags and stamps purchased online from AZGFD or purchased at AZGFD offices are not subject to a convenience fee.

A change in the law (A.R.S. § 17-338) allows dealers to “collect and retain a reasonable fee as determined by the license dealer in addition to the fee charged to issue the license or permit.” The law also eliminates the 5 percent commission that dealers currently deduct and keep from sales of licenses, tags or stamps. That means after Jan. 1, the dealers will transmit to AZGFD the full value of the license for each sale and the dealers will retain the convenience fee, if any.

“The price that Arizona Game and Fish charges for hunting and fishing licenses, tags and stamps will remain the same as before,” said Doug Cummings, assistant director for support services. “Dealers will have the ability to charge a convenience fee, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will. It will be up to each dealer whether or not they charge a fee.”

Cummings pointed out that receiving the full monetary value of each license will benefit department programs, allowing more money to be put into wildlife conservation.

Game and Fish is stipulating that dealers who charge a convenience fee must post the amount in an area clearly visible to customers.

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