County Releases New Findings 

hydrogen sulfide warning

As the ACC Hearings continue for week four, Pinal County has released another notice that there was a Hydrogen Sullfide exceedance on April 25, 2018. 

Again, this is coming from the Section 11 Waste Water Treatment Plant which is near the Oasis Magic Ranch community. 

This is not the first exceedance issue that Pinal has issued for 2018. In fact, it is not the first exceedance reported in April. On April 12, 2018 H2S data was collected from the Oasis Road and Maintenance Yard monitors for the previous 7 day period. The data indicate, 1) the Oasis Road site exceeded the PCAQCD H2S limit on April 4th and 2) the Maintenance Yard site exceeded the PCAQCD H2S limit on April 9th. 

This means in April alone, there were three exceedances. This new report of an exceedance comes after James Taylor, Johnson Utilities own consultant, testified that their should be 20-40 H2 monitors to properly track the H2 readings around the Section 11 Waste Water Plant. 

Currently, there are only two monitors, and one of the monitors is being challanged by Johnson Utilities regarding its legitamcy and accruacy. 

In fact, Johson Utilities represntatives, such as Brad Cole, have testified that complaints regarding Johnson Utilities have been orchestrated and doubts their legitmacy. 

To read the full, most recent, report from the county regarding these new exceedances that the county has made public, you can go online at: Documents/H2S%20Readings/H2S%20 Data%20Report.pdf