After a jump in exceedances two weeks ago we are happy to report no exceedances from the monitors around Section 11 Wastewater Treatment Plant last week.

This is the first week of no exceedances in quite some time. Hopefully this means it will provide some releif to the residents surrounding the wastewater plant. But, there is still a lot of work to be done as highlighted in the recent EPCOR report.

“Section 11 WRP is a lagoon plant with questionable capacity that cannot be determined at this point since the plant has been consistently producing non-compliant effluent and is deficient with regard to lagoon freeboard.”

“…upgrades/replacement to Section 11 WRP should be initiated immediately to ensure compliance with the APP program. As part of the design of plant expansions, it is recommended that a detailed capacity analysis be performed for each plant that takes into account both solids and hydraulic loading for all treatment process units.”

“Section 11 WRP does not meet Best Available Demonstrated Control Technologies, freeboard requirements, and nitrogen limits. This plant should be replaced with a mechanical plant.”

~EPCOR Report submitted on October 10, 2018

EPCOR is currently looking into “Replacement/Relocation & Expansion” of the Section 11 plant. This will not be a quick fix and EPCOR is stressing patience during this process.