The Board of Supervisors Will Discuss Incorporation

A special meeting of The Pinal County Board of Supervisors is scheduled for 9:30 AM Monday morning. The first item on the Agenda is Discussion/approval/disapproval of Resolution No. 042318-STV concerning Petition for Incorporation of the “Town of San Tan Valley,” Election Department Petition PC I20171006. 

This could be the final nail in the coffin for an initiative to incorporate San Tan Valley as the 11th largest municipality in the State of Arizona.

The resolution states that a review of 5% of the signatures submitted by the Vote San Tan Valley Steering Committee showed that there are too many invalid signatures on the petition to move forward.

During a review of the signatures by the Arizona Secretary of States Office it was found that of the 258 signatures reviewed, 210 could be verified. This would mean that of the total 5146 that the steering committee submitted only 4150 are verifiable, which is below the minimum of 4485 that was needed to get the measure on the November ballot.

Even if there were enough valid signatures on the petition the problems don’t stop there. The resolution also says that many of the items that local opposers to incorporation and the town of Queen Creek have said are in fact correct.

The Committee did not get the required permission from declarant communities.

The Committee did not get the required permission from neighboring municipalities. The map includes far too much rural land.

With this seeming like the end of the road for the current attempt to incorporate San Tan Valley what do you think needs to be done with our community as we move forward? If there is one thing we all know for sure it is that San Tan is growing, and does not have much support.