About 34% of Arizona’s registered voters are independent voters. Arizona has an open primary provision which makes voting in the primaries available to independent voters. Many independent voters don’t know that they can vote in the primaries this upcoming election. If you are a registered Republican or Democrat, you will automatically receive the mail-in ballot. If you are registered as an Independent, you must request your ballot.

There are two ways an independent voter can vote in the upcoming election.

Note: To participate, an Independent Voter must specify which ballot type they would like to vote; Republican or Democrat

Early Voting

To receive a ballot in the mail, you must contact your County Recorder’s Office to specify the ballot type you wish to be sent to you. If you are on the Permanent Early Voting List, you still need to contact your County Recorder.

Election Day

Independent Voters who vote in-person need to tell a poll worker which party ballot they wish to vote. This can either occur at an early voting location or on election day.

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