San Tan Valley residents now have more time to get involved in the Johnson Utilities case. During a scheduled Judicial hearing on March 29th, 2018 it was decided that the deadline to intervene in the hearing would be extended until April 14, 2018 with the next hearing scheduled for April 16, 2018.

While we all want this process to come to a quick conclusion we also need more time to get our facts together so that we can complete this process as accurately and effectively as possible.

These hearings are to determine whether or not an Interim Manager should be put in place at Johnson Utilities, and Supervisor Goodman and the ACC need the public’s help in order to come to a fair determination.

In order to have your voice heard in this case you must officially intervene. While some within the community have been reluctant to intervene based on some of the language stated on the ACC website it is imperative that you intervene if you want to be a part of the solution to this problem.

The main thing to keep in mind throughout the process to intervene in the case is to have proof! While you may want

to share an opinion of yours the only thing that matters to the ACC is solid evidence. Things like pictures, bills, videos, etc…

Some of the items discussed by the public at the hearing were whether or not there was an easier process, and whether or not there was a way to get involved in the case remotely.

The ACC has said that being involved remotely is an option because of a new video conferencing system that has been installed in the ACC hearing room. There are a few local residents working to make this happen, and as more information is available San Tan Times will provide it to the community.

As for a simpler process for being involved that is also something that is in the works, and we will provide the information as it becomes available.

If you would like more information on how to intervene in the case you can visit