At around 6:30 Wednesday (10/18/17) morning a crash involving two semi-trucks and a garbage truck caused massive delays for commuters in San Tan Valley.

Between tending to the medical needs of those involved in the collision, clearing the vehicles from the scene, and fuel leaks, this caused a large portion of Ironwood Road to be closed well beyond the morning hours.

Thankfully, even though the collision caused extensive damage to the vehicles involved, no deaths have been reported.

The cause of the accident is being reported that a garbage truck veered into a semi-truck and dump truck.

Public Works came out to evaluate the situation and Hazmat crews were on the scene to properly take care of the gasoline spill.

For thousands in the area this meant bumper to bumper traffic with limited options as many attempted to get kids to school and themselves to work.

It is an ongoing challenge in the area and it isn’t the only example. Several weeks earlier, the only exit road in the Copper Basin community was temporarily closed due to a collision.