Last year, through the hard work of Rural Metro and Supervisor Goodman, fire hydrant testing gave an eye opening outlook on water pressure. You can see the original article here.

Since EPCOR has taken over, updates and upgrades have been made that many residents have seen and felt from the faucet and through communication. But, the fire hydrant issue remained in question from many residents especially with wildfires being in the news the past several weeks. EPCOR has provided an update as to how they have addressed this concern to be sure the water pressure is there when the fire department needs it.

It’s Wildfire Season – What about Hydrants?

Fire hydrants in the Johnson Utilities system are owned, operated and maintained by Johnson Utilities. Since stepping in as Interim Manager, EPCOR has installed data loggers throughout the water system. These data loggers verify that the necessary water pressure is there when the fire department needs it, and tell us where to investigate low-pressure concerns that are reported. 

Summer Water Supply 

July is typically the highest-use month of the year for water in Arizona and we expect the available supply to meet peak demand for the Johnson Utilities system. To do that, all water sources must stay operational at full capacity with little room for error. We’re monitoring all wells and other facilities carefully to make sure they function as they should through the warmest part of the summer. 

The San Tan #1 well is now adding approximately 600 gallons per minute (gpm) to the system, and will be capable of producing nearly double that amount by mid-July after a power upgrade is completed. The Magma 1 well also will be operating soon at a potential capacity of 700 gpm. 

We’re also staying the course in identifying new sources of water to support future growth. Morning Sun Farms #2 well has good production potential and will need a power upgrade. Three other wells tested this spring may be able to add capacity to the system – however, the water they produce does not currently meet Federal safety regulations and we’re weighing options to bring these wells into compliance. 

Did You Know? On average, according to the Arizona Department of Water Resources, Arizona households use about 7,000 gallons of water per month. About 70% of that is outdoors – lawns, landscaping, water features, and more. But some people use less, and others use much more. 

How You Can Help Us Improve Your Service 

We know some customers may be hesitant to call us for assistance. Rest assured, EPCOR takes your service very seriously and our Customer Care and Field Service Representatives have recently undergone extensive training in order to provide you with an enhanced face-to-face experience. Please contact us with any concerns you may have. 

If you experience issues with your water or wastewater service, we want to know about it. Please call the Customer Care number below, and give us as much specific information as you can about where and when the problem happened. 

We appreciate your cooperation, and the opportunity to serve you. 

How to Contact Us
24/7 Bill Payment: 1-844-567-2502
Customer service & billing inquiries: 480-987-9870
Emergencies: 480-987-9870 (press 6) or 480-887-0648