By MaryLou Martinez, J.O. Combs

The J.O. Combs Unified School District continues to partner with Banner Ironwood in a Student of the Month program, which recognizes one student every month from each of our schools. There is a selection process in place where students are recognized for the various pillars of the Character Counts Program, which includes Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Citizenship, Caring, Respect and Fairness. This presentation takes place each month at our Regular Governing Board Meeting. For the month of February, Ms. Kim Deyo, Director of Emergency Services at Banner Ironwood Medical Center, presented each student with a Certificate of Special Recognition. A photograph was taken with the representative from Banner Ironwood, the Governing Board, and Superintendent Gayle A. Blanchard. The following students were recognized for demonstrating the character trait of Fairness:

  • Melody Borjon, Combs High School, Grade 11
  • Abbie Gunderson, Combs Middle School, Grade 7
  • Jayden Miranda, Combs Traditional Academy, Grade 1
  • Andres Martinez, Ellsworth Elementary, Grade 6
  • Daniella Martinez-Hernandez, Harmon Elementary, Grade 1
  • Cole Jensen, Ranch Elementary, Grade 5
  • Brody Armstrong, Simonton Elementary, Grade 5