Johnson Ranch Blvd. Has Opened A Day Early!

Originally Scheduled to be opened on April 27, 2018 Johnson Ranch Blvd has been opened at the Hunt Highway intersection.

Johnson Ranch residents can now head straight out of their neighborhood and onto the new Gantzel Road extension, but keep in mind it is a rough transition. San Tan Times took the route just after 5:00PM on April 26, 2018 and found that there is a huge difference in the level of the roads causing a very rough transition.

We would guess that this is something that the county will take care of quickly but keep that in mind as you are headed either in or out of Johnson Ranch.

Scheduled for April 30th construction will start on Hunt Highway between Red Road, and Johnson Ranch/Gantzel. The detour will be down the new Gantzel extension while Hunt is closed, so while one road has opened another will close. This construction is scheduled to last for roughly 3 months.