The Intersection At Johnson Ranch Boulevard Is Beginning To Take Shape

With the closure of Hunt Highway beginning April 30, the completion of Johnson Ranch Boulevard will be important to keep everything on schedule. For those that regularly us the southern portion of Hunt Highway, many of you may have noticed the cement barriers have been removed and the intersection at Hunt Highway and Johnson Ranch Boulevard is finally taking shape. Pavement looks to be only days away and it appears to be on track for April 30.

For those of you that will be force to take Johnson Ranch Boulevard, take note that the speed limit is for a residential area and not Hunt Highway’s 45 MPH zone. You can anticipate PCSO keeping an eye on traffic in this area. Additionally, for those looking to cut through traffic and use N. Desert Willow Boulevard, there are school zones for the Walker Butte¬† K-8 school that will be in effect in the morning.

Also, be prepared to allow for additional time as the intersection at Hunt Highway and Golf Club Drive was not built for such high volume of traffic. For many, even if you need to stay on Hunt Highway, taking the Gantzel extension to Bella Vista and then to Hunt Highway may be faster due to more lanes, higher speeds, and a road designed for high traffic volume.

The next several months will be challenging for commuters, but at this point, road construction and traffic jams is a skill set that many San Tan Valley residents have mastered long ago. If you have any questions regarding road closures, access to neighborhoods, access to stores, or Rural Metro during this time of construction, we will be posting further updates throughout the week. If you have any questions or problems with the current and ongoing construction, shoot us an email at and we will do our best to get you the information and support you need to make life a little easier. Drive safe out there!