Order of Abatement

On June 30th a “test year” for a Johnson Utilities rate hike expired and now the controversial utility provider in San Tan Valley is asking the Arizona Corporate Commission to let them have that rate back and keep it permanently.

The rate hike would see your water service increase in cost by 23.6%, and wastewater would increase by 17.6%

The docket shows that Johnson Utilities lost money during the fiscal year ending June 30th and would need an increase of $2.6 million from the water division and a little over $3 million in waste water to cover their deficit.

While Johnson Utilities is trying to charge us more for our water they are also trying to lower our CAGRD fees. They have asked regulators to slice their fee from $2.43 per 1,000 gallons down to $1.91 per thousand.

The good news here is that you will have the chance to tell the ACC what you think about not only the request for a rate increase but also Johnson Utilities as a whole. Previously in the works was a series of public meetings in San Tan Valley with the ACC regarding Johnson Utilities.

These meetings will take place on February 20th at Supervisor Goodman’s office located at 33622 N. Mountain Vista Blvd., and on February 21st at CAC San Tan Campus 3736 E. Bella Vista. There will be three daily meetings for you to attend 8AM-10AM, noon-2PM, and 6PM-8PM.

This is your chance to let the Arizona Corporate Commission know what you think of Johnson Utilities. So mark your calendars, because it is sure to be an interesting event.

If you would like to read all 473 pages of the application that Johnson Utilities filed with the ACC, you can read it HERE.