Johnson Utilities is now Targeting the ACC

On a day that The Arizona Corporation Commission was set to discuss findings into the issues that face San Tan Valley residents. Johnson Utilities decided to file a temporary restraining order against the ACC.

On the topic for todays discussion was a staff update on investigation into billing issues, water quality, wastewater facility issues, and related health and safety issues; Commission discussion, consideration, and possible vote regarding order to show cause and the appointment of an interim manager.

As of now there is not much information regarding the restraining order other than a date for the hearing has been set for March 16th at 2:30PM.

The oddest part about this restraining order is the timing on the docket. It was docketed at 1:03 PM which was during the lunch break for todays open meeting, after a morning that saw Johnson Utilities get caught in a tangled web.

During the morning session there was discussion into the closing of their stand pipe in April of 2015. When the stand pipe was closed it was done under the understanding that water service would be ran into the area of Bonanza Highlands. This of course was never finished and the stand pipe has been put back into use. While the stand pipe was closed those residents were left without a good source for water, they did have one option though Roadrunner Transport could haul in water at a rate that cost one resident $900 a month.

What came out during the meeting was not only that a member of the Johnson family owns Roadrunner but also that Johnson Utilities employees were the ones delivering according to a resident that used the service.

More to come on this story soon.

You can find the Docket Information here: