Cafeteria Menu Changes Are Coming

By San Tan Times and Chasity Cruz, Principal

How do you plan a new cafeteria menu around stereotypically picky grade school kids? Make them part of the process!

Simonton Elementary students were selected to sample new school cafeteria food items and provide input to the food and nutrition department. Students loved the new items!

Taking part in the process and giving the kids the opportunity to provide feedback gives the kids a better understanding of how the school process works and the amount of effort it takes to provide meals to students. With the students taking part it will also develop a more effective and successful process in meal planning and potentially resulting in less waste.

If only we could get my kids to agree on dinner, that would be some amazing progress.

Now, the question is, how do we get in on this test for some free food. We kind of miss the old school cafeteria pizza slices!