Local Utility Shut Off Access To Water Without Telling Community 

We first reported that Johnson Ranch HOA sent out a notice saying “Johnson Utilities turned off a majority of our irrigation, including turf areas, unbeknownst to us. We discovered this on our own during an irrigation inspection of the community and found that they had locked the majority of our water meters that control the irrigation for Johnson Ranch.”

As it turns out, this wasn’t the only community that is dealing with irrigation disconnection without notification.

Morning Sun Farms is also having the same problems. Their access to irrigation water had been turned off without notification resulting in damage to landscaping.

In the grand scheme of things, damaged landscaping from the lack of water may seem minor, but residents are now paying for bad water service combined with damages resulting in the water utility locking meters and eliminating access to water for community grounds upkeep.

Community wide, San Tan Valley residents are still reporting of low water pressure with some residents posting photos of discolored water coming from internal and external faucets.