welcome to San Tan Valley

By Richard Story

OK! So now is not the time to cry Boo Hoo. Now is the time to start a second try at incorporation. Just use the first steering committee as an example. Do an AAR get the lessons learned and move forth from there.

A couple of lessons learned that I had, as an opposing person for incorporation are:

Branding, no matter what professional politician tells you. This issue is not about the “Right to Vote!” That issue was decided by the bill that was signed. We have that right. The issue on hand is the “Right to Decide!”

Only include areas that want to be included, be open with the map. Your secrecy with the map is one of the main items that sank your attempt.

The people on the steering committee need to be selected by the people of the communities selected for incorporation. If the people really want this effort to succeed then the people need to step up and select members from their areas to be on the steering committee

Your PR needs to ramp up and do the job that they were selected to do by the steering committee. They need to respond in a timely manner, they need to have a spokesperson whose role it is to respond for the steering committee, and whoa onto anybody that acts like they are speaking for the SC when in fact they are not. You need this role well defined and well publicized as to whom this person is.

Now on to everyone’s favorite topic, The Budget. Don’t lie to the public and don’t think that the public is so dumb. This is the fault of each and every single professional politician and want to be politician on the board.

While it may be semantics to you all, we the people of the area know the difference. We understand our taxes; Sales, Fees, Property Taxes etc etc… Are all going to go up after the city council is actually voted in and can makes city laws themselves. We understand that any  increase will have to be voted on by the people.

BUT DON’T ANYONE OF YOU ON THE STEERING COMMITTEE THINK that the voting public is going to allow for incorporation and then undercut the process by not allowing the cost to be shared through these increases in taxes. You seem to forget that us home owners out here have a lot of money invested in our homes and the worst thing that could happen to the value of our homes is to have the newly voted municipality fall into bankruptcy. We know our taxes will increase, just stop telling us that they won’t.

It is hard to propose a budget that will make everyone happy, just do your best.

This is not about our right to vote, it is about “Our Right to Decide!”