It’s easy to focus on the negatives. But, solutions are always available. Sometimes solutions are more easily attainable as a group than as individuals. That is what one resident is proposing. Originally, this resident wanted to provide his contact information in this article. But, for his own protection we have set up a contact through San Tan Times for those that are interested in communicated with this resident.

Mr. Carter’s message is one that should be embraced and we look forward to seeing other residents take part and getting together to make a difference.


Dear Annoyed and Angry:

I concur wholeheartedly with your letter and its sentiments. Please don’t see this response as a critique but as an invitation to collaboration. You are correct that our community seems forgotten for so many reasons. And you outline several areas of concern, all of which I don’t have the space to respond to here. It’s my sincere belief, though, that if we want something to change we need to start to act in favor of that change. We all apparently agree that there are areas of concern here so we need to change words into action and start getting things done. What do I mean by this? For example: yes, roads and transit are definitely a concern. But the problem is beyond your or my power. Roads and construction (continue construction of AZ24, anyone?) are government powers that require county and state action. That doesn’t mean that we can do nothing. Let’s start a group by approaching our neighbors (knock on doors? Post on Facebook? Table outside Walmart?) – The San Tan Valley Improvement Association. Let’s identify these areas of concern and ask for volunteers to form a 5-person committee for each one. The transit committee can organize a letter drafting campaign to our local and state representatives showing how important new roads are. It can gather information from local businesses about the importance transit has on profits. We can submit that information to our elected officials to give them fodder to argue in favor of transit for our area. We can draft letters to the editor, we can submit plans and suggestions, we can organize get-out-the-vote efforts.

You say there’s nothing to do here. We can start a 5-person committee for that, too! Let’s draw up a list of things we’d like to see: a movie theatre? Bowling Alley? Live theatre? I have the misfortune this year of having to spend several months in New York. While there someone I know approached me about investment in a Pecan farm in South America the minimum buy-in for which was $60,000. Astronomical to me, but apparently not to this gentleman. Such investors are out there! Everybody wants to make money: can our committee come up with a business plan, show interest in a cinema, show where it could be located

and for what cost, and how much it could make? Could we approach angel investors or other entrepreneurs and show them what a good investment San Tan Valley would be? Why not? We can always try. With improved roads and new businesses, jobs follow. What about utility companies? I know one local resident who took on a utility company for arbitrarily closing a standpipe and won his case at the AZ Corporations Commission. He did it all without any legal support. What could we do if we took up a collection and began to support local residents wronged by such companies? These are just a couple of basic ideas; I’m sure we could come up with more.

One local resident (now deceased, God rest his soul) decided that our area was “artless” and single-handedly established an Artisan Village complete with a choir, orchestra and artisan studios. Imagine what more than one of us can do! I invite you (and anybody) to contact me: This makes two people for one of the 5-person committees already! Change takes commitment, time, energy, and sustained application, but it can be done, and it will definitely affect our community for the better. Let’s get started today and ensure that in five years we’re not still annoyed and angry!


Neal K. Carter


If you would like to contact Neal, please submit your information to us at:

Or call us at 480-869-2781

San Tan Times is willing to take part and support any community effort to come together to help discuss, plan, and develop our area. We have a lot of potential and a lot of opportunities coming our way and we would love to help our residents be able to achieve what we know this area can accomplish.