A Local Resident Expresses Their Feelings On The Traffic 

By Local resident Don Monteath 

Local resident Don Monteath took a moment to submit a point of frustration regarding the current road work on Hunt Highway. We feel that Mr. Monteath isn’t alone with his frustrations: 

While the local residences are bracing for a long term traffic closure on Hunt Highway between Red Road and Johnson Ranch Boulevard, the traffic flow changes that have been made on Hunt Highway and Bella Vista/Golf Club Drive have created a nightmare and a lot of frustration for us all. 

The road department in charge of traffic flow has placed barriers on Southbound Hunt Hwy in a manner that reduces all lanes to a single lane for 200 feet and then opens up to one (1) left turn lane, (1) straight lane (previously (2) straight lanes, one of which is now totally barricaded) and (1) right turn lane. 

While I am no means a “traffic planner”, I would like to suggest that the road department remove the barriers and convert the currently barricaded lane to a left turn lane which would provide (2) two left turn lanes off Hunt Hwy onto Bella Vista. 

It would only take freshly painted left turn arrows on the now barricaded straight lane to prevent disrupting the flow of traffic. 

Mr. Monteath, while we at San Tan Times hold no power over the traffic situation, at least one member of the San Tan Times staff agrees and has been very vocal about the problem since the road closure took place on April 30. 

Everyone at San Tan Times hopes your suggestions takes hold at the county level so the change is made. Because as much as we are tired of the backup at that intersection, we are also tired of some members of the San Tan Times staff losing their mind every time we are at the intersection.