A Resident In Support Of Annexation Offers Their Perspective

By Pat Aritz, Encanterra Resident

As a new purchaser of a home in Encanterra, I have become aware of the discussion of annexation into Queen Creek.

I would just like to take a moment to express why I feel that annexation is a good thing for the residents at Encanterra, both on a financial and social basis.

From a financial perspective, the minimal tax and safety fee impact ( if any ) is very small against the potential of the impact of an incorporation and support of a new infrastructure. Most of the members pay a sales tax now on most things because there is very little commercial in San Tan.

From a social perspective, there is the matter of safety— more police per capita, a fire dept. with a “2” ISO rating, a proven infrastructure and a solid financial position. In addition, Queen Creek has shown its desire by establishing a new fire station near the Encanterra main gate and by bringing almost every key position person to a meeting with our members to simply explain what Queen Creek has to offer. Finally, a municipal Fire Dept. vs a for-profit Fire Dept. Several of these social items can also have a favorable financial impact going forward.

Further, Queen Creek continues to show progress in developing and enhancing the town growth design in an effort to improve the quality of life for its residents.

Political emotions aside, I can only see an upside with this annexation—for the residents and Queen Creek. As for “staying the way it is”—-with an incorporation already attempted once and with current rumblings, how long will it “ stay the way it is “ and then what will be the cost?

Our household fully supports this annexation of Encanterra into Queen Creek.